What's So Trendy About Crocs That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

What’s So Trendy About Crocs That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Crocs are back in the spotlight after its recent reboot as one of the hottest fashion accessories on the planet. It’s fun to watch Crocs inspire other shoe manufacturers to create similar, if not better designs. So, what’s so great about Crocs clog shoes? The answer is simple- they’re a comfortable, flexible, and stylish way to walk. These features encourage you to dance, all while making sure you stay on your feet. You can look great, feel great, and have your feet looking great with Crocs glitter clog.

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Crocs Classic Printed Clog
Crocs Classic Printed Clog


Classic are a fantastic summer shoe. Crocs create a great shoe regardless of the occasion. Crocs sandals are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re going to the beach, the mountains or to the ballgame. Crocs sandals come in a basic sandal, but Crocs have taken the basic pattern and transformed it into a fun pattern that kids love. The Crocs Kids’ Baya Clog, for example, is popular among kids.

Crocs Clog Shoes

The Crocs company have also made other types of clogs like the Crocs Classic Printed Clog. Besides, the Crocs Kids’ Classic Glitter Clog is casual and comfortable. It comes in either black or white and has grippy rubber soles. Crocs clog shoes have been used in the U.S. by Olympic and National Track and Field Teams for years. It’s no wonder that the “Olympic” flag is on the side of Crocs kids literide clog.

Unique designs of Crocs

Crocs have added fun details like hearts, stars, stripes, and dots- Crocs have created a “Dunk Island” design that’s like the sandals from the game “Dunk Island!” If you don’t have a “Dunk Island” game on the deck, Crocs also has a Crocs “Speedboat” design. Crocs also has a design called the “Gnarling Goggles,” a great option for those who prefer not to wear Crocs. The goggles look like they’re made from water, which definitely give Crocs an edge over similar-appearing sandals.

 how to clean Crocs
how to clean Crocs

Crocs: Easy to Wash

As with any good shoe, you will want to treat your Crocs well. You may wonder how to clean Crocs. To keep them in top shape, you can throw them in the machine wash. Keep the washing mild so the material won’t fade. Your the trendy crocs will always be ready to go, because you’re happy with the way they made you feel while they were making them!