Crocs Shoes

The 5 Playfully Kitsch Designs of Crocs Shoes

Designer collaborations with Crocs have cemented a unique niche in footwear. The rubber shoes have had something of a re-branding the last couple of years, where the label has teamed up with iconic designers and came out with playfully kitschy designs. The Crocs are unisex, and the line has an inclusive size range. The rubber shoes are offered in women’s sizes 6 to 15. Bring out your inner emo kid with these unexpected shoes.

Shark Crocs

The playful and kitschy designs of Shark Crocs shoes have been reimagined by many designers. These shoes are a perfect balance of practicality and luxury branding. A collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs resulted in a platform clog that debuted at the Met Costume Institute. The clog is sold for $850 and is a perfect example of the mix of high style and low price. Other designers, including Christopher Kane and BEAMS, have gone as far as adding unexpected accessories to their crocs.

Several celebrities have taken advantage of the playful kitsch of Crocs footwear. Mark Dawson, the popular actor and model, gave the footwear a collegiate twist by posting a series of images on Instagram. In addition to wearing an “Egg” hoodie and gray sweat shorts, he paired his shoes with a customized Jibbitz with six charms spelling out “NCT 127” and slices of watermelon.

Loki Crocs

Loki Crocs
Loki Crocs

If you are a Loki fan and wondering where to buy Loki Crocs, you are at the right place. Loki Crocs are a type of Crocs that comes with a golden horn fitted on top of the croc. If you are a Loki fan, you are well aware of the fact that the golden horn symbolizes Loki, the God of Mischief.

Loki-themed Crocs aren’t available officially from Crocs but do not let that stop you from having one. You can simply buy a pair of horns for your Crocs and turn that into a well-looking Alligator Loki Crocs. For this, all you need to do is buy a Golden Loki horn and attach it with your Crocs.

In the Loki series, there are four popular variants of Loki, among others, and they are the Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki, and Classic Loki. However, among all these variants, the Alligator Loki is causing a lot of sensation among the Marvel fans. Alligator Loki was green in color and had a golden horn on his head. Alligator Loki Crocs are not available in the retail stores and so you can opt for customizing your green Crocs with a Golden Loki horn attached with it that you can buy from

Designer collaborations with Mario Crocs have cemented the footwear’s niche in the fashion world, combining accessibly practicality with luxury branding. In one such collaboration, Balenciaga and Crocs collaborated to design a platform clog that will be available at the Met Costume Institute for $850. Other designers such as Christopher Kane have taken the kitschy motif to the extreme, creating shoes with bizarre and unanticipated accessories.

While most consumers are hesitant to try the foam footwear, fans can find a pair that’s perfect for them. One of the most popular collaborations involved Crocs and luxury fashion brand Christopher Kane. The two companies teamed up to create a fried chicken-themed clog, which sold out in less than 30 minutes. The collaboration also helped the fast food chain make its way into the fashion world.

The playfully kitschy designs of Shrek Crocs shoes have become an icon in the counterculture. They’re now considered fashion’s most inside joke. They’re the perfect shoes for your next college trip! Mark Dawson showed off his foam footwear on Instagram with a series of photos showing him in peak college boyfriend gear: blue “Egg” hoodie, gray sweat shorts, and black embellished Crocs. To go with his outfit, he added personalized Jibbitz and watermelon slices to his Crocs.

The iconic Crocs shoes are a popular fashion statement for the working class. They’re waterproof and stylish enough for both men and women. They’re even available for children. Though there are still many critics of the Crocs brand, they’ve managed to make a niche for themselves with their playful kitschy designs. Fortunately, the company has also expanded their product line to cater to the needs of all people, regardless of their gender, age, or style.

Goth Crocs

A month ago, goth designs of Crocs shoes swept the internet. They included spikes, chains, skulls, and safety pins. Despite their novelty, spiky shoes were a hit with fashion-forward teens. And, while Crocs have yet to comment on the new Barney’s collab, a recent tweet by Goth crocs designer Garbage Boy quickly gained a cult following.

The new craze for gothic styles has also resulted in the creation of Goth-inspired Crocs shoes. A store in Seattle is currently selling goth Crocs shoes. Fans can expect to get a mix of positive and negative comments. Many critics say that the goth-inspired Crocs have little appeal to punks, but others have said that they love the goth designs.